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Clinical Trials

Clinical trials include both interventional and observational research studies. Interventional is where patients are assigned to a treatment or other methods of treatment, measuring results. Observational is where the patients are observed and the outcomes are measured. Both types of studies require permission.

Participation in a clinical trial will depend on many factors such as age, other medical conditions, prior treatments, type and stage of disease and many others. Some clinical trials involve more test and doctor visits than normal and require close monitoring during the trial and continue for a period after treatment has been completed.

Clinical trials have many benefits, including offering eligible patients access to new research treatments before they are widely available on the market. Clinical trials are mostly offered at leading edge health care facilities with the clinical expertise and advance training in cancer care. By participating in a clinical trial, you will be contributing to medical research towards finding a cure for the specific cancer.

However, there are risks. Side effects can range from common side effects (nausea and vomiting), to serious complications, and as severe as life threatening complications, which is why close monitoring by your doctor or nurse is so important when on a clinical trial.

As a participant in a clinical trial, you should be informed of the study details, the study purpose, duration, required procedures and tests, potential benefits and associated risks. No clinical trial is ever started without a signed inform consent from the patient.

If interested in participating in a clinical trial, please discuss with your physician or nurse.

Click here to find a clinical trial underway at Parkland.

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