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Understanding Cancer

understanding cancerCancer is not just one disease. There are over 120 different cancer types.  Cancer is a category of diseases that involves the overgrowth of abnormal cells. When the abnormal cells are multiplied, irregular growth of cells creates lumps called tumors. If a tumor is cancerous, (sometimes referred to as malignant), its cells grow out of control and damage healthy parts of the body or body organs.

Cancer can start or grow anywhere in the body. Some cancers are solid tumors, such as breast, lung, and colon, prostate, cervical, pancreatic, skin and others . Other types of cancers are referred to as liquid tumors. Liquid tumors involve the blood forming organs such as bone morrow. Liquid cancers circulate through other body tissue and organs, such as the lymph glands and blood. The different types of liquid cancers are Lymphomas, Leukemia, Myeloma and others.

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