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Geriatric health care services for persons age 60 and above.

Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment (GAT)
Provides multidisciplinary assessment of older adults with complex medical and social problems, such as mobility and rehabilitation needs, assessment of dementia and affective disorders, and change in functional status. This approach ensures a complete and coordinated evaluation of individuals within one clinic setting, performed by an interdisciplinary staff that includes physicians, nursing, social work, dietitian, pharmacist and other professional staff. This Parkland Health & Hospital System / Univertiy of Texas Southwestern Medical Center team also manages a Primary Care Clinic at the main hospital site where many of the most complicated cases are followed.

Geriatric Primary Care Clinics
Providing primary care with a team approach. These clinics are strategically placed in Dallas County locations that allow seniors to access care near their homes. Problems with transportation are minimized and the use of community-based resources is enhanced.

Click here for a list of all Geratric Primary Care Clinics.

Senior House Calls
Providing primary medical care to homebound individuals age 70 and above. The care is provided in the older adult's home where staff can best mobilize the efforts of family members and community resources, like traditional home health care, as needed.

For more information about this program, please call 214.590.0409.

Geriatric Acute Care for the Elderly (GCU)
This is an inpatient care unit for individuals age 65 and above who are in need of acute care. The GCU Unit was specifically designed for older adults with appropriate environmental modifications and furnishings. Unit staff have special interest and education in care of seniors. Geriatric-specific evaluation and case management services are provided.

For more information regarding the Geriatrics Program and its services call 214.590.8369.


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