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Parkland has been committed to the care of the injured patient since its beginning. In 1988, Parkland became the first verified regional Level I Trauma Center in Texas and in 1996, the Texas Department of Health designated it as a Level I. The medical staff of The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas provides the medical leadership for the trauma program.

With more than a decade's experience as a trauma center, Parkland has brought together experts in nursing, trauma surgery, neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery and other specialties to manage the most complicated injuries.

Parkland was the first to implement a trauma case management program that provides a continuum of care encompassing clinical expertise, psychosocial crisis intervention, family interaction and system performance. This program provides a seamless system for the injured patient and their family.

In other words, we can't leap tall buildings in a single bound – yet. But being consistently touted as a premier trauma hospital is somewhat of a superhuman achievement. Of course, we never forget why we're here – to serve and protect people.





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