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Comprehensive Newborn Care

Since 1974, the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Parkland Memorial Hospital has been providing exceptional and comprehensive care to critically ill newborns in Dallas County.

Our staff consists of a collaborative team of physicians, nurses and support staff who are all highly experienced in caring for a wide array of neonatal disorders both medical and surgical.

Working closely with our highly skilled colleagues in the maternal-fetal medicine department, we are able to provide exceptional care for your infant both before and after birth. This teamwork has resulted in one of the lowest mortality rates in the country and allows us to provide outstanding care tailored to the specific needs of your infant.

Clinical Care

  • We were the first NICU in Dallas County and are the largest Level III unit in the region. Our 98-bed unit averages ~1400 admissions annually; almost 100 admissions a month.
  • Neonatal support is available to outside obstetricians and maternal fetal medicine (MFM) specialists through our Fetal Neonatal Program. This multidisciplinary team, including maternal fetal medicine, neonatology, pediatric surgery, cardiology and other pediatric subspecialists, will provide prenatal consults for families and coordinate delivery at Parkland if complex postnatal issues are anticipated.
  • We provide a unique and highly trained neonatal resuscitation team who attend over 300 high risk deliveries a month and have the capability to deliver cutting-edge delivery room care in even the most complex cases including EXIT (Ex Utero Intrapartum Treatment) procedures.
  • A highly coordinated team of providers, including board certified Neonatologists, Advanced Practice Neonatal Nurse Practitioners, Neonatal Medicine Fellows and Pediatric Residents provide exceptional neonatal care from birth through discharge.
  • Our nursing staff have completed a 16 week ‘residency’ program with a concentrated schedule of lectures and technical skills leading to proficiency in the complex care of this vulnerable patient population.
  • Our patients have access to a full range of neonatal therapies, including high frequency ventilation, nitric oxide and total body cooling.
  • Immediate availability of all pediatric subspecialists including cardiology, neurology and gastroenterology to name a few. Infants with surgical needs benefit from access to pediatric surgeons, neurosurgeons and anesthesiologists, all experienced in the unique needs of the critically ill newborn.
  • A pharmacy devoted solely to the distinctive needs of our neonatal patients is located within our unit. Dedicated NICU pharmacists allow us to provide safe and effective medication delivery to our fragile patients.
  • The Children’s Medical Center NICU is in close proximity and is staffed by our same team of neonatologists, allowing for easy transfer and access to higher levels of care, including extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO).
  • Our comprehensive and multidisciplinary
    Low Birth Weight Clinic located at Children’s Medical Center provides primary care up to the age of 3 for our NICU graduates with very low birth weight and/or chronic disorders of the lung, brain or intestines.

Research and Education

  • Our neonatologists are faculty at UT Southwestern Medical Center, a highly regarded teaching and research institution, which boasts 4 Nobel laureates, 18 members of the National Academy of Sciences and 18 members of its Institute of Medicine.
  • The Division of Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine is a member of the NIH Neonatal Research Network since its inception in 1986.
  • Onsite research has led to publications and practice improvements with a direct effect on neonatal care locally, nationally and across the globe.
  • We are the only training program for Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine in North Texas.

Family Centered Care

  • Dedicated neonatal speech therapists provide support to families of infants with sucking and swallowing dysfunction and those infants transitioning from tube to breast or bottle feeding.
  • A team of neonatal nutritionists is dedicated to ensuring optimal nutrition and growth for this high risk population.
  • Breastfeeding specialists and lactation consultants are trained for the unique needs of premature and sick infants provide invaluable support to mothers initiating breastfeeding.
  • Child Life specialists ensure our infants are cared for in a developmentally appropriate manner and assist families with a wide range of concerns, including positioning, developmental play and stimulation, and sibling issues that may arise in response to a having a sick family member.
  • Social workers provide support, guidance and information for the stressors that result from having a sick newborn, including financial, transportation and work issues.

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