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Institutional Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee

  1. Meets with patients, the families of patients, and with Parkland's health care staff to help give advice when there are questions about the right thing to do.
  2. Gives information, and teaches the Parkland health care staff about the right things to do in health care.
  3. Looks over Parkland policies (written rules) and procedures (ways of doing things) that have to do with ethical (moral) questions.   An example would be the policies (written rules) about keeping a patient on life support, or not.
  4. Can tell people where to call with questions about health care law.

The Ethics Consultation Service can help when Parkland patients, their families, and health care staff need to talk about and make choices about values, beliefs and rights in health care.

You can reach the Consultation Service by paging them at 214-786-7814. When you hear the beep, punch in the number you want them to call back. If you are a patient, or a patient's family member, you can also ask your doctor, nurse or any other health care provider to help you get in touch with the Consultation Service.

Here are some Ethics Committee handouts you can download and print:

Here are some other handouts you may find helpful.

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