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Performance Goals

The following information presents our Main Emergency Department performance and our progress toward our four goals:

Maintain or improve historic visit volume levels of approximately 84,000 per year or 7,000 per month. The number of patients treated in the Main Emergency Department increased from approximately 8,000 per month in 2011 to more than 9,800 per month in 2012.

Performance Goals for Treated Patients

Reduce the percent of patients who present for care and leave before being seen to less than 4 percent. Process changes were tested in May 2009 and put fully into place in June 2009.

Performance Goals Patients who Leave Before Treatment

Reduce average dwell times for patients treated in the Main Emergency Department and admitted as inpatients to less than 8 hours, and for those discharged to less than 4 hours. The process changes implemented in June 2009 as well as a new observations unit reduced dwell times for both admitted and discharged patients. Additional changes will be required to meet or exceed goals.

Performance Goals Average Time

Updated: February 11, 2014

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