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Governance System Report

In May 2012, the Parkland Health & Hospital System Board of Managers engaged an outside consultant to provide recommendations to improve the efficiency of Parkland's corporate governance system. Prepared by The Saranac Group LLC, the report contains 20 recommendations that are aimed at enhancing the capabilities of the Board of Managers and improving the relationship between the Board and senior Parkland leadership as well as that between the Board and local elected officials.

The report is non-binding with regard to any particular recommendation; however, as the Board of Managers stated in its resolution accepting the report, it does provide a road map for moving forward with improving corporate governance at Parkland.

Parkland Corporate Governance Vol I (Memorandum)

Parkland Corporate Governance Vol II (Supporting Documentation)

Parkland Fiduciary Duties (Memorandum)

Parkland Fiduciary Duties (Supporting Documentation)


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