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Recycled laundry water makes big savings splash

A few years ago, Jay Dyck, Director of Linen Services, and Richard Hoelscher, Associate Director of Linen Services, were looking to replace the aging heat recovery system in Parkland’s 47,000-square-foot laundry facility. What they discovered was an even better way to save the hospital system and taxpayers millions of gallons of water and thousands of dollars in energy costs.

"We’re always looking for opportunities to save," said Dyck. "As we were exploring a new heating system, we started looking at completely recycling laundry water."

Now, with the installation of the AquaRecycle Laundry Water Recycling System, Parkland is not only recapturing the heat from used laundry water but recycling the water for laundry use as well.

"We estimate we saved a million gallons of water in the first month of use," said James Tucker, Senior Facility Program Manager, Energy and Sustainability. "And we expect to increase as we fine tune the machine."

Before the new system was installed, more than 19.4 million gallons of water were used for laundry every year totaling nearly $150,000 each year in water and natural gas costs. It is estimated the new machine will result in a savings total of 14.5 million gallons of water, and more than $116,000 in annual water and natural gas costs.

While most hospitals send their laundry to off-site facilities, Parkland remains one of the few hospitals with an on-site laundry facility that even handles linen services for Children’s Medical Center and UT Southwestern Medical Center.

"Parkland washes more than 10 million pounds of linen every year," said Hoelscher. "With this volume, it’s important to our patients and community to be good stewards of our resources."


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