Delivery System Reform Incentive (DSRIP) Program

DSRIP activities are divided into four categories, which are interrelated and complementary:

  • Category 1 Infrastructure Development (DSRIP Project) lays the foundation for delivery system transformation through investments in technology, tools and human resources that will strengthen the ability of providers to serve populations and continuously improve services. The Category 1 menu provides 60 project options in 14 domains.

  • Category 2 Program Innovation and Redesign (DSRIP Project) includes the piloting, testing and replicating of innovation care models. The Category 2 menu provides 65 project options in 19 domains.

  • Category 3 Quality Improvements (DSRIP Outcome Measure) includes outcome reporting and improvements in care that can be achieved within the four demonstration years. The Category 3 menu consists of 108 outcome measure options in 13 domains. Some outcome measures are defined as standalone and singly meet the requirement for outcome association with a DSRIP project. Other outcome measures are defined as non-standalone and must be grouped with a standalone or with two or more additional non-standalone metrics to meet the requirement.

  • Category 4 Population-focused Improvements (Reporting) pertains to hospital providers only and is the reporting of measures that demonstrate the impact of delivery system reform investments under the waiver. (Five required reporting domains and 1 optional domain).

The Project Menu also provides prescribed sets of process milestones and associated metrics and improvement milestones and associated metrics for each project/outcome domain. Milestones and associated metrics, appropriate to each individual project, are to be bundled for each Waiver Demonstration Year (DY). The milestone/metric bundles form the basis for payment for each DSRIP project.

In order to achieve meaningful change by the end of the demonstration, every performing provider must link each selected Category 1 or 2 project to related Category 3 outcome measures. The outcome measure is to assess the results of care experienced by patients, including patients’ clinical events, patients’ recovery and health status, patients’ experiences in the health system and efficiency/cost.

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